Thoughts on Teaching

In 2009 I began doctoral studies at Teachers College, Columbia University, in the program in art and art education. I completed the doctorate in May, 2015. This coming home to education is both a career shift and a continuation of my work as an artist.

My research looks at teacher education in the digital age, especially asking about the effect that the maker movement, the digital media learning movement, and the culture of digital networks has on how teachers learn to teach. At Teachers College and elsewhere, in workshops, lectures, online forums and in formalized classroom settings, I invite students and colleagues to join me in exploring how our work is affected by FabLabs, social media, and the Internet.

At root I hold my work as an educator as entangled with my work as an artist, each folded into the other. I'm interested in conversations that thrive on engagement and subjective response.

I hold technology as a gesture, and as a material for play, much like finger paint, or clay. My art practice spans still and moving lens-based and lens-less pictures, interactive code poetry, and jokes. My writing and teaching explores Material Inquiry Pedagogy. I'm interested in the social and educational implications of new and emerging technologies.

Galleries: Ampersand House, Brussels; ArtBeatus, Hong Kong.
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Sean Justice
Staten Island, NY