Title Date Co-Author Purpose Kind
Cultivating Innovation: Creative Materials and Computer Technologies 2014 -- Presentation; Art & Industry Day, Bloomfield College, NJ website
Code Poems, Cow Games, and Protocol Puzzles:
Creative Programming for Art Teachers
2014 -- Presentation; National Art Education Assoc., Nat'l Conference, San Diego, CA website
Challenging Norms: Play & Imagination in the Integration of Digital and Traditional Materials 2014 Richard Jochum Presentation; National Art Education Assoc., Nat'l Conference, San Diego, CA website
Material Learning: Digital 3d with young children 2013 Marta Cabral Research paper; Fablearn 13: Digital Fabrication in Education, Stanford University, October 2013, Palo Alto, CA. link
Motion, light, and space: Gesture in the digital age 2013 Tree Williams Research paper & artistic collaboration; 3rd Annual International Thinking through Drawing Symposium & Drawing Research Network Conference, New York, NY. pdf
Artistic Development of Adolescents (notebook) 2013 -- Course work; Judith Burton's seminar on the artistic development of adolescents. website
Advice to a Friend: Situating Theory in Scenario Building 2013 L. Applebaum; C. Pei; S. Sekino Course work; Judith Parker's seminar on adult development and education website
Art that Iterates 2012 -- Curatorial essay; exhibition at Macy Art Gallery, Teachers College pdf catalog
Protocol Toys: Technology as Spectrum; Art as Play 2012 -- Presentation; Technology in Education Colloquium, Teachers College website
Four Artists for CultureHall 2012 -- Curatorial essay; online exhibition pdf
New Turnings of a Networked Age: Reconsidering Photographic Actions in Light of Curatorial Practice 2012 -- Research paper; Critical Information 2012 Graduate Student Conference, School of Visual Arts, NY pdf
Art Education in the Age of Digital Networks 2012 -- Research paper; dissertation proposal excerpt, Teachers College, Columbia University pdf
Pictures on the Edge: A Sensibility 2012 -- Syllabus & Essay; Collage, Montage, Composite, a course that explores pictorial desire from the framework of construction. pdf
Pictures are Words not Known 2011 -- Curatorial essay; Lishui Museum of Photography, Lishui, China pdf
Tech Thoughts on Teaching and Learning 2011 -- Blog essay; a response to students' questions about the role of new technologies in their education, from the blog Considering Pictures (now defunct) pdf blog
China Notes: Learning to Live and Work in the Middle Kingdom 2010 -- Artist book about my work in China. link
Young Artists Emerging in America 2009 -- Curatorial essay; Pingyao International Exhibition, Pingyao, China pdf catalog
Considering Pictures: On Design in Photography 2009 -- Visual essays; two essays from intro to photo courses pdf
Digital Fundamentals 2009 -- Essay; introducing digital imaging concepts and terminology to photography students pdf

I hold technology as a gesture, and as a material for play, much like finger paint, or clay. My art practice spans still and moving lens-based and lens-less pictures, interactive code poetry, and jokes. My writing and teaching explores Material Inquiry Pedagogy. I'm interested in the social and educational implications of new and emerging technologies.

Galleries: Ampersand House, Brussels; ArtBeatus, Hong Kong.
Contact:: sean@seanjustice.com   Download CV

Thanks for the conversation,
Sean Justice
Staten Island, NY